Core Muscle Weakness

Muscles which support the lumbar spine, the lower back, are considered the core muscles. These include all of the abdominal muscles ( rectus abdominus, internal and external obliques, transverse abdominus and intercostals), muscles associated with the spine (the erector spinae group) and the hip flesors (iliacus and psoas muscles. These muscles act in unison to transfer power from the legs to the upper body, improve posture and strengthen the lower back. Obesity, inactivity, sedentary life style, or injury, directly affect the muscles that support the lumbar vertebrae – the core muscles. Rehabilatating these muscle is essential to prevent injury and ensure a swift return to function. Physical therapy, conditioning, MedX training, weight loss, Pilates, and Core strengthening programs are all avenues to be taken to stop injury by core muscle weakness.

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